Event info: Family Area

Produced by the Children’s Museum of Richmond

The Family Area is produced by the Children’s Museum of Richmond.

The 2014 theme: Under the Big Top (Stay Tuned for 2015 theme)

  • Hats
  • Puppets (various multi colored circus animals)
  • Flags (with animal stamps and watercolor)
  • Masks (glitter, feather and gemstone circus masks)
  • Teeny Tiny Farm- a local petting zoo that consists of all miniature animals (horses, llamas, pigs, goats, bunnies and a hedgehog)
  • PBS- circus temporary tattoos
  • Parrots of Paradise- rehab parrots that attendees can hold and interact with
  • Matt Lively- will be painting another interactive mural in a 10’x10’ tent that will be displayed in our Chesterfield Museum after completed
  • Magicians- will be roaming the crowds performing magic tricks
  • Hula Hoop inter actives
  • Prize tent- “Souvenir Tent” where kids can redeem CMoR bucks for prizes
  • CMoR bucks- are received every time a child makes a craft and can be redeemed up to five CMoR bucks at a time
  • The Alberti Flea Circus
  • Balloons By Extreme- balloon tying
  • Yo Yo Demonstrations by professional Yo Yoer’s

Derek McAlisterDerek McAlister
circus arts
Denver, Colorado

Derek McAlister is a true “street” performer – a multidimensional, dynamic entertainer who draws on clowning, mime, dance, juggling and Chinese pole acrobatics, plus a good bit of laughter, to please audiences of all ages.

Street performance arts and busking have probably existed as long as there have been city streets. Derek was introduced to the tradition during college, when he traveled through Europe, where street performance has a centuries-long history. He met a street performer, Jean-Michel Parr, from whom he learned juggling patterns and other tricks of the trade. After graduating, Derek returned to Europe, and developed his own show.

After nearly seven years honing his skills in circus arts and street theater, Derek encountered another Old World master, Giovanni Fusetti, who practiced clown and mime in Paris. It was from this experience that Derek developed his unique blend of clown, mime, and acrobatics. He has since performed throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, and Thailand.

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