CarMax Family Area

Produced by the Children’s Museum of Richmond

Details of the 2016 Carmax Family Area will be released later this Summer.

The 2015 theme was "Let's Go!"

Come join us in the CarMax Family Area and “Let’s Go!” with transportation themed crafts and activities! We will make crazy paper bag hats, paper airplanes, boats that float and paper plate cars! Also enjoy live performances, relay races, create art with professional artist Matt Lively and hold live parrots! Come on and “Let’s Go!”.


Masaji Candyman

Japanese candy art
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Masaji Terasawa gives new meaning to the song made popular by Sammy Davis, Jr. – "the Candy Man." His specialty is the ancient Japanese art of amezaiku, a method of sculpting hot taffy-like candy into fantastic shapes of animals and other creatures.

Mr. Terasawa, who lives in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, is said to be the only known person in the United States practicing this almost forgotten Japanese art. He began as a street performer in Japan. Later he moved to the United States and began entertaining crowds at Disney World's Epcot Center in Florida. He travels to Japanese festivals throughout the country and is a perennial favorite at the Sakura Matsuri Street Festival, held in conjunction with the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

His artistry has been described as "magnetic" and "magical." He may deftly sculpt a candy animal, then quickly change gears to spin a giant top along the blade of a samurai sword or quickly fold origami to present to an onlooker. During his energetic presentation, Terasawa says, "I like to show traditional Japanese art with humor and audience participation."

Amezaiku has been linked to glass-blowing and involves several steps. First, a starch syrup is boiled until it becomes dough-like and transparent. It is heated over charcoal to make it pliable. Next it is divided into small portions and kneaded and pulled. During this process, it takes on a pure-white color. The artist must then work quickly to form the animal figures at the tip of a chopstick, using tiny candy scissors and his fingers. He may decorate the candy creature with food coloring as a final step. And yes, his creations are absolutely edible.


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