Richmond Folk Feast

The 2018 Richmond Folk Feast sold out in a record 18 hours! Thank you to all who came out to support the Richmond Folk Festival. Tickets for the 2019 Feast will go on sale in the July 25, 2019.

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The Richmond Folk Feast started 7 years ago, when the chefs of Richmond, VA wanted to help support the Richmond Folk Festival. On the Tuesday before the festival, the brightest stars of Richmond's restaurant community gather at Upper Tredegar to raise funds by presenting signature dishes and showcasing our city's rich and diverse dining scene. This is an exclusive chance to experience the best eats our city has to offer, meet the chefs shaping our culinary landscape and support Virginia's largest, most culturally dynamic festival, all under one tent. 

  • Ticket sales benefit the Richmond Folk Festival.

  • Wine provided by Tap 26. Beer provided by AleWerks.

  • Gallatin Canyon performing live throughout

  • As a special thank you, take advantage of complimentary parking for the entire festival weekend, and a unique pin that will exempt you from the bucket brigade's donation requests.

Restaurants that participated in 2018 

  • Africanne on Main, Ida MaMusu

  • Acacia, Dale Reitzer

  • Chairlift, Olivia Wilson

  • Comfort and Bingo Beer Company, Jason Alley

  • Croaker Spot, Chris Brooks

  • Dutch & Co, Caleb Shriver 

  • East and West Coast Provisions, Trevor Knotts and Ian Boothman

  • Fatty Smokes: A Barbeque Joint, Mike Lindsay

  • Lehja,

  • Lucy's, Jason Lucy

  • Mama J's, Velma Johnson

  • Metzger Bar & Butchery and Brenner Pass, Brittanny Anderson

  • Nightingale Ice-cream, Hannah Pollack and Xavier Meers

  • Nota Bene, Laine Myers

  • Saison, Adam Hall

  • Secco Wine Bar, Julie Heins

  • Southbound, Craig Perkins

  • The Daily Kitchen and Bar, Dallas Miller

An additional thanks to Williams Mullen for their continued support of the Richmond Folk Feast!

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Jason Alley – Comfort/Pasture
When not creating delicious Southern specialties at his restaurants in Richmond, (Comfort, Flora and Pasture), Jason is spending time with his family. The Pulaski, VA, native plays drums in a couple of raucous party bands and has a pair of Ramones Vans. Hey! Ho! Let's Go!


Brittanny Anderson – Metzger Bar and Butchery/ Brenner Pass
Trained professionally as a chef at the French Culinary Institute in New York City under Master Chefs Jacques Pepin, Andre Soltner and Alain Sailhac, Brittanny has worked for 15 years in the restaurant industry. After graduating at the top of her class at FCI, Brittanny worked in some of the best kitchens in New York City, most notably Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Northern Spy Food Company. Brittanny now cooks modern, seasonal, German-influenced cuisine as the Executive Chef and co-owner of Metzger Bar and Butchery in Union Hill and Brenner Pass in Scott’s Addition.

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Chris Brooks – Croaker's Spot
Chris Brooks was born and raised in Richmond, learning traditional cooking through the women in his family: mother, aunts, and grandmas, who have a shared knack for combining the right ingredients. His earliest cooking memories are of these women preparing meals. “In the South, dinners would be done big, on Sundays, usually at your grandmother's house,” Chris recalls. “My interest came from the smells, the noise... and then I had to be active and learn to crack eggs, run a mixer, and be able to feed myself.” For the past 15 years, Chris has been employed by Croaker's Spot in Richmond. A family-run business that started in Richmond's historic Jackson Ward neighborhood, the restaurant prides itself on preparing seafood in the style of soul food. It is also beloved for its seafood chili, alfredos, sautéed dishes, cornbread, and of course, some of the best fried fish in town.


Adam Hall– Saison
Adam Hall grew up in Albemarle County learning traditional Southern foodways from his mom.  He’s been cooking in Richmond since 2003 and traveled extensively through Central America and the Caribbean to develop his Southern, Afro-Caribbean, and Latin American vision for his restaurant, Saison. He loves old Country music, has a big dog, is looking for an old truck, and is slowly turning into a redneck. 


Julie Heins – Secco Wine Bar
A Nomadic Yankee who likes long nights in a hot kitchen, Chef Julie Heins has worked all over both coasts but made Richmond and Secco Wine Bar her home in 2015. Since graduating from the New England Culinary Institute in 2006, she has become a wine-loving culinary lifer and James Beard Women in Culinary Leadership Finalist. She has always been dedicated to sourcing and highlighting local, seasonal ingredients with menus that show love for both old and new techniques. Her days at Secco are spent practicing “resting b%$# face” and cooking food that'd make grandma weep with joy.


Velma Johnson – Mama J’s
Velma "Mama J" Johnson was born and raised in Richmond. One of 14 children, she learned to cook by helping her mother in the kitchen. Mama J spent 17 years as a deputy sheriff, catering on the side. In 1999 she started catering full time and Mama J's was born. Mama J cooks the same dishes her mother made, traditional Southern comfort food with an emphasis on family. When she's cooking on the line, she prefers gospel, soulful 60's R&B or anything "good feeling".


Jason Lucy – Lucy's
A Richmond area native, Chef Jason Lucy graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York in 2001. After graduation he returned to Richmond and began his culinary career in catering and at local restaurants. In 2014 Jason and his wife, Amanda, opened Lucy's restaurant.


Ida MaMusu – Africanne On Main
Award-winning Africanne food enthusiast, Chef Ida MaMusu, is a native of Monrovia, Liberia (West Africa).  At the tender young age of eight, MaMusu created her first recipe, which consisted of flowers and plants.  Years later, she became an apprentice under the tutelage of her maternal grandmother, whom she affectionately referred to as, “mommie.”  With encouragement from her grandmother, MaMusu turned her culinary talents into a profitable business in the U.S.  She now owns her own restaurant, Africanne On Main, in Richmond, VA, where she provides fresh, healthy, all-natural meals daily.


Laine Myers – Nota Bene
Laine opened Graffiato in 2014 as a sous until late 2016, then joined Metzger Bar and Butchery. She was proud to win this year’s Broad Appetit  “Iron Chef” competition. Laine's inspiration from childhood was her German grandmother, who never let anyone go hungry and cooked meals around the clock including brisket with spaetzle, cow tongue, and gingerbread, among other things. Her cooking style stems from cuisines emphasizing bold Mediterranean/Caspian and Western European flavors. In her free time, Laine enjoys hiking with her mom, playing guitar, and is completely obsessed with her 7.5 pound sweet angel dachshund/chihuahua, ZsaZsa.


Craig Perkinson– Southbound
Virginia native, Craig Perkinson got his start cooking alongside his Mom and Grandma in rural Chesterfield County outside of Richmond. He describes his style as seafood-focused, comfort food with a technical twist that sometimes reflects his time in New Orleans.

After a stint in New Orleans, Craig returned to Richmond as Sous Chef at Pescado’s and eventually to Heritage as Sous Chef. Now as Chef de Cuisine at Southbound, he’s helped them to garner attention at Bon Appetit, Southern Living, Conde Nast Traveler and The Manual. 


Caleb Shriver – Dutch & Company
For Chef Caleb Shriver, food has always been a means of gathering, a way to bring family and friends together. An Oklahoma native, Shriver has fond memories of his mother's southwest cooking comfort foods often comprised of family caught and hunted fish and game. Growing up he often helped out in the kitchen, and it wasn't long before a fascination with food began to form. After stints in Oklahoma City and Chicago, Shriver moved south to Richmond and began working at Aziza's in 2010, garnering multiple local awards. Now celebrating its five-year anniversary of Dutch & Company, Chef/Owner Caleb Shriver and his wife, Michelle, continue to cultivate relationships with local farmers to offer seasonal, regional items that highlight Virginia products.

Venture Richmond Events, LLC produces the Richmond Folk Festival. Venture Richmond Events is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The amount of the contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money (and the value of any property other than money) contributed by the donor over the fair market value of goods or services provided. $80 of each regular priced $100 ticket purchase is deductible as a charitable contribution.

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