Marketplace Guidelines

Application Process

  • All vendors must apply each year, including vendors who have participated in previous festivals.

  • Applicants must complete the application and answer all questions. Festival organizers may request clarification; failure to provide clarification is grounds for rejection.

  • Applicants must submit two (2) color photos of representative pieces of the art from; these will not be returned.

  • Completed and signed applications, including the $25 non-refundable application fee. Timely applications will be considered before late applications.

  • Failure to meet application and/or contract fee deadlines may result in forfeiture of booth space.

Selection Process

A committee selects Marketplace vendors based on tradition, regional culture, and artist’s relationship with his or her community, quality, and uniqueness. The committee reviews all applications and selects vendors who best meet these criteria. All work must be traditional as defined below:

Traditional arts are those art forms that are learned as part of the cultural life of a group of people whose members share a common ethnic heritage, language, religion, occupation, or culturally united geographic region.  Folk and traditional arts are shaped by the aesthetics and values of a shared culture and are passed from generation to generation, most often within family and community through observation, conversation and practice.

Source: National Endowment for the Arts

Application Fee

A non-refundable $25.00 application fee must accompany each application.  

Booth Fee

$385.00; for a covered 10' x 10' tented space, and amenities including one table, two chairs, electricity (20 amp), and security for Friday and Saturday night. The RFF reserves space upon receipt of payment. Vendors forfeit space if payment is not received by the scheduled deadline.


Refunds will not be issued for inclement weather. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations after August 1, 2019.


Festival hours are: Friday 6pm to 10pm; Saturday 12noon to 10pm; Sunday 12noon - 6pm. The festival goes on rain or shine.  All artists/vendors are expected to be open during festival hours unless they are notified by festival personnel. We recommend artists have additional personnel on hand to help work/watch the booth when crowds increase.

Taxes and Insurance

  • Vendors are responsible for state and federal taxes.  For assistance, check out the Virginia  Department of Taxation website: 

  • The RFF disclaims any authority of control over vendors' operations. Vendors assume all rights and responsibilities for their operation's conduct.

  • The RFF does not have separate vendor coverage under any insurance it may maintain.

Vehicles On Site

  • For the safety of the festival’s attendees, vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to move onto or within the site during operating hours and during the window before and after scheduled events when attendees arrive and depart. 

  • Participants receive 2 parking passes for the designated vendor parking lots, Dominion Lot and when that is full, Federal Reserve Parking Deck on 5th & Byrd Sts. Vendors must park their vehicles in this lots only.

Vendor Set-up

  • Vendors may not trade or switch spaces, or set up in any other location.

  • The layout of the Marketplace is subject to change year to year depending on site conditions.

  • Booth locations are assigned and include a 10’ x 10’ tented space, one table, two chairs, and electricity. The RFF accommodates special needs on a case-by-case basis; charges may apply. Vendors must address any special needs to the RFF by July 1, 2019.

  • Booths must be set up and operational to the public according to times listed on application, load-in letter and/or contract.

  • Permission must be granted from festival organizers before holes are dug. Vendors must fill holes dug.

  • Water service is not available in the Marketplace. 

Booth Operation Guidelines

  • After the festival is officially over on Sunday, you must WAIT for permission to bring your vehicle to load-out. The “go ahead signal” will come from Marketplace Manager or security.

  • Vendors must restrict activities to their booth space.

  • No space-sharing or subletting is permitted, nor can the vendor assign the contract to another party.

  • Raffles are not allowed.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages in your booth is prohibited

  • Camping is not allowed on the festival site.

  • Vendors may sell only the type of work the RFF has invited them to sell (indicated on application).

  • The RFF encourages vendors to perform ongoing demonstrations within their booths.

  • Vendors should bring lights for use after sunset. Halogen and quartz lights are prohibited.

  • Vendors must comply with all logistical regulations.

  • Although there will be security on Friday and Saturday nights, all fixtures and materials are left overnight at the vendors’ risk. The Festival’s insurance will not cover personal property, so vendors should obtain their own insurance. 

Booth Clean-up

  • Booths must remain intact and may not be dismantled until the end of the festival on Sunday.

  • Be aware that attendees will be present on festival grounds during tear-down

  • Vendors must take home their entire booths – including carpet, decorations display racks and storage containers.

  • Booths must be dismantled by Sunday at 10 pm.

  • Any vendors failing to completely clean up their booth areas must pay a clean-up fee, as well as a cleaning deposit for the following year’s Festival.

 Vendors who fail to comply with or repeatedly violate these guidelines may be expelled and/or not invited to apply. The RFF reserves the right to amend these guidelines as needed.

In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Richmond Folk Festival will be accepted as final.