Jack Harris

Custom Metal Work
Salem, Virginia


Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Jack Harris’s lifelong love affair with automobiles began when he saw his first drag cars in Southern California, where his father was stationed for several years during Jack’s childhood. “I just have always been kind of obsessed with cars,” Jack says. “So for the first years of my life I took to building models of cars, planes, whatever I could get my hands on.” The Harris’s moved back to Virginia in 1968, when Jack was in his early teens. His mother rented their family garage in Salem to local master hot rod rigger Douglas “Leo” Derocher, who was building a “T-Bucket”—a highly modified version of a 1923 T Model Ford. In the countless hours that he watched and helped Derocher build the T-Bucket, Jack developed many of the first skills he would perfect throughout his lifetime. 

After returning from a stint in the Navy, Jack built his first hot rod, a modified 1955 Chevy. He has since built many award-winning, custom-built automobiles and his creations have received awards at car shows across the country, including the prestigious “One of a Kind Award” at the Charlotte Auto Fair and first prize at the Street Rod and Custom Auto Truck Show in Washington, DC. Jack will be demonstrating his signature bodywork skills with the use of a bead roller and shrinker-stretcher at the 2019 Richmond Folk Festival, and showing off one of his favorite custom creations: a one-of-a-kind 1973 Volkswagen Beatle.